Know your customers. Build better products.

Orbit helps Product teams manage product strategy, research and customer feedback. Start building better products today.

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Uncover customer needs

Centralize and manage feedback and requests from customers and colleagues.

Don't be a ‘feature factory’: Link feedback and requests to goals, personas, opportunities, solutions and jobs-to-be-done.

Ditch scattered backlogs full of feature requests and start building to serve customers.

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Visualize your product strategy

Rally your team around product objectives and key results.Map insights, opportunities and solutions from research.

Use opportunity solution trees to make insights available to the whole organisation.

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Collaborate with your team

Make it easy for your whole organisation to provide product feedback, keep up to date with planning and access a powerful, searchable repository of customer knowledge.

Don’t just collect feature requests, crowdsource and brainstorm solutions to customer pain points that support business goals.

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