Release notes

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Performance improvements

Over the past month, we've been receiving numerous a few reports of slowed performance, particularly for users that are using extensively the Feedback and Interview features.After investigating into the matter and identifying the required optimizations, we have diligently worked on enhancing the performance of the app.

Our recent efforts have resulted in significant improvements, addressing reported issues and providing a smoother user experience. Here are the key updates:

  • Improved app loading times by an impressive 115%: We have implemented various optimizations to accelerate the app's loading speed. Users will now experience a much faster and more responsive initial app launch.
  • Enhanced performance, specifically for the Feedback and Interview pages: We focused on optimizing these critical pages to ensure faster loading times and improved functionality. Users can now expect a more seamless experience when interacting with the Feedback and Interview features.
  • Implemented efficient data fetching techniques: To minimize unnecessary network requests, we have implemented data caching for data that doesn't frequently change. This optimization improves overall app performance and reduces loading times.
  • Streamlined app by removing performance-hindering dependencies: Through a thorough analysis, we identified and removed dependencies that were slowing down the app. This cleanup process has resulted in a leaner codebase and improved overall efficiency.

These updates showcase our commitment to providing an exceptional user experience.

With faster loading times, improved performance for key pages, efficient data fetching techniques, and a streamlined app, we aim to make Orbit a reliable and efficient platform for our users.