Release notes

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Comments redesign

We've improved the UI and UX of the comments section. Each comment is now wrapped in a card to be easier to distinguish from other comments. We have simplified the new comment input and made it more streamlined, removing the cancel button and inlining the send button.  In addition, we've changed the format of the date in which the comment was created to be represented as a relative time. For example "June 14th at 14:00" will now show as "2 days ago" (relative to today, at the time of this writing, is June 16th). You can still see the previous format, in case you want to find out exactly at what time and date the comment was posted, just hover with your mouse over the relative date.

Editor enhancements

We have made several enhancements to the rich text editor. Some of the changes include completely new ways to interact with the editor and some are focused improving stability and performance.


From today you can use emojis in the Editor in a more native way. Typing ":" followed by at least two characters, will invoke the emoji picker. You can choose from all your favourite emojis.

Block selection

For those moments when you need to quickly select more text or a mixture of block elements like images and block quotes, block selection allows you to do just that. To experience the block selection feature, initiate your selection outside the text area and then move the cursor into the text to select an entire block.
Works like magic 💫

Files drag and drop

In the editor, you can now insert any file that is supported by simply dragging and dropping it in. We support a wide variety of files such as videos, audio, images, pdf, excel, and more. This works across the entire app where rich text is supported, even in comments!

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Fixed a problem with the inability to add a solution to sub-opportunities at level 3 depth.
  • Resolved an issue where the last activity for a workspace member would not update correctly.
  • Improved drag and drop functionality in Roadmaps.
  • Signing up with Google will now pre-fill the user's avatar.
  • Feedback and Interview editors now have access to the commands menu. Invoke it by typing "/", then continue typing to filter the results and finally hit Enter to select an item.
  • Fixed an issue that caused layout shift when adding an opportunity on the Tree Map.
  • Fixed a problem that would cause some invitation links to stop working.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the UI to not display a newly created feedback note or interview.