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December 15, 2023
Copilot Elements

We're excited to announce a significant enhancement to the Orbit Copilot – it's not just about text anymore. Copilot Elements is our latest innovation, designed to transform the way you interact with feedback and interview data within Orbit. This new feature extends beyond text analysis, enabling the Copilot to suggest actionable opportunities and dynamically generate customer personas based on the rich data you've captured.Launching in beta, Copilot Elements starts with a powerful set of capabilities. We have plans to expand this over time, but here's what you can explore today:

  • Uncover Opportunities: Identify opportunities hidden within your customer feedback and interviews.
  • Persona Generation:  Create detailed customer personas from your sales calls and customer interview data.

Stay tuned for more updates as we enhance your Orbit experience, making it more intuitive, insightful, and impactful than ever before.