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March 15, 2024
Intercom integration

We’re excited to announce a new native integration with Intercom. This enhancement allows you to seamlessly import conversations directly into Orbit as feedback notes, linking back to the original conversation in Intercom. Utilizing these integrations ensures that every customer interaction can directly inform your product development, making your feedback loop more comprehensive and actionable.

Copilot improvements

We've made improvements that focus on tailoring the Copilot’s analysis to better reflect the specifics of your business environment and competitive landscape.

Company context

You can now add your company’s details such as name, domain, and description into Orbit. This additional information equips the Copilot with the context needed to better understand and categorize user requests, aligning insights more closely with your company’s mission and operational principles.

Competitor context

The Copilot has also been upgraded to recognize and highlight mentions of competitors within captured user feedback. This feature allows your teams to stay aware of the competitive landscape directly through user interactions, enhancing strategic decision-making.

We hope these updates make your experience with Orbit even more productive and insightful. As always, we value your feedback and look forward to supporting your continuous product innovation journey.