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April 12, 2024
Feedback redesign

We've overhauled the UI and made significant performance improvements to enhance how you interact with feedback within Orbit. Explore the new features designed to streamline your feedback management process:


You can now leave comments under each feedback note. This feature is ideal for team discussions about specific details captured in the feedback, fostering better collaboration and understanding.

Bulk operations

You can now run operations on multiple feedback notes at once. This will greatly improve efficiency, streamline your workflows, and significantly reduce the time spent managing feedback. With this update you'll be able to do the following bulk actions on a selection of multiple notes:

  • Update the status of a note. You can choose between New, Reviewed or Archived. In future, you'll be able to set you own custom status
  • Update the assignee of a note.
  • Delete multiple notes at once. Great for removing notes that are no longer relevant to you.

💡 Protip: you can use filters to narrow down a specific list of notes to which you can then apply bulk actions.

Additional views

Both sources and views menus are now collapsible. We've also introduced an additional two new views to help you better manage incoming feedback notes.

  • New: Immediately access newly captured notes that require processing.
  • Unassigned: Easily find notes that are yet to be assigned to team members.
Performance enhancements

Enjoy improved load times and a snappier UI on the feedback page, especially beneficial for workspaces handling a large volume of notes.

Interviews improvements

We've made quality of life improvements and also extended the supported languages

New languages

Transcription and summarization are now available in Swedish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Korean

Faster transcription

We've reduced transcription time by approximately 10%-15%, enabling you to act on insights more quickly and efficiently.

We continue to refine Orbit based on your feedback and are excited to see how these new capabilities empower your product teams.