Release notes

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Import feedback

You can now import feedback notes via CSV files. This feature allows you to map fields such as title, content, author, labels, and status, facilitating the import of large volumes of feedback. You can use this feature to start collecting valuable insights as early as possible.

Automatic entity detection and linking

We also automate the association of feedback to relevant customer and label entities that might exist or not. For example, when you import feedback notes via CSV and include an email as the author field for each row, we automatically extract and link a customer profile to the imported note. For each email address we'll identify and set up a company and person entity associated with that feedback. It can automate hours of work down to a couple of minutes at most.

Historic Copilot conversations

Gain access to historic conversations in the Copilot, offering a practical solution for retrieving valuable past interactions. This feature helps maintain continuity and leverages insights from earlier discussions, enhancing strategic decision-making.