Customer interviews

From words to wisdom.
Your AI-powered interview assistant.

Use AI to transcribe, summarize and generate insights from your customer conversations.

A representation of an interview with a summary of it, coupled with an insight and conversation between a user and the AI assistant.

Fast, accurate transcription

Upload video and audio files, and get accurate transcripts and summaries in seconds.

An interview with transcript and personas picker
An interview with AI generated personas
Create personas directly from your research.
Upload interviews, analyze feedback and use AI to create personas based on your customer data.
Test concepts, ideas and generate new propositions based on real customer data.
A chat interface for the AI assistant.

AI analysis

Use Orbit AI to uncover customer needs from multiple interviews.

Customer feedback notes tagged with customers and personas

Powerful search

Tag interviews by customer and persona. Keep your work organized, searchable and sharable.

Generative persona cards with persona name, pain point and goal.

Generative personas

AI generated personas created directly from your customer conversations.

An interview card with opportunities extrapolated from insights from the interview

Capture what matters

Highlight opportunities and link as evidence on your roadmap.


Trust and privacy are core principles at Orbit.
We put security at the centre of everything we do. We're on your side.
A cloud with lock in the middle icon that demonstrates SOC2 certification
SOC 2 Certified
Orbit uses independent third party auditors to ensure SOC-2 compliance.
A shield icon representing compliancy with GPDR rules
GDPR Compliant
Orbit implements and maintains all required measures for GDPR compliance.
A building representing Enterprise readiness
Enterprise Ready
Self-hosted LLM models, and advanced access controls. Available on our enterprise plan.