Centralize product feedback

Become superhuman

Capture user research, product opportunities, solution ideas and feedback in one place.

Use AI to spot opportunities, uncover customer problems and drive better results.

A hero image representing features in Orbit feedback like, summarization, feedback notes, opportunities and solutions

Capture what matters

Crowdsource ideas from your team, gather product feedback from customer support tools, your CRM, surveys spreadsheets and more.

Make the voice of the customer accessible to anyone in your organisation.

A representation of a message collected as feedback note from an external tool, Slack in this case

Don’t wait until it’s too late.
Never miss what matters.

Identify customer pain points and problems and act without sifting through large volumes of data.

A representation of a conversation between a user and the AI assistant. The user is asking the assistant "What are our enterprise customers' key pain points?". The assistant replies with: "Billing and payments. Shipping and invoicing. Learn more"
A representation of multiple sources of feedback, such as Zendesk, Intercom and more, all connecting to Orbit.
Connect feedback and take action from day one.
Go from scattered spreadsheets, docs and tools to a single source of truth for customer knowledge.
Your intelligent workspace becomes more powerful as you scale.
The feedback section in Orbit with particular focus on customers and personas tagging.

Customers and personas

Manage, filter and organize feedback based on customers or personas.

The roadmap section in Orbit with two users, Chris and Nellie, collaborating

Take action

Organize and collaborate in docs, roadmaps and opportunity solution trees.

Work with the tools you already use

Orbit fits in your existing workflow. Work faster, ditch spreadsheets and keep connected to customers.

A representation of brands around Orbit, indicating how Orbit fits into an existing workflow with another other tool.