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March 10, 2023
Sidebar update

You can now fully collapse the sidebar to focus on a specific feedback note, interview, or opportunity solution tree. As it was getting a bit crowded in the sidebar, we've also decided to group pages into categories such as Research, Strategy and Planning. Everything should feel even more intuitive now.

Enhanced onboarding

We've updated our onboarding process, welcome tour, and demo content to make it easier for new users to get up and running. Self-serving in Orbit has never been simpler. 

Interviews improvements

Last week we've introduced Interviews (Beta). We've been impressed by the initial user adoption and feedback! In response, we've made some exciting updates to further enhance your interviewing experience.

Speaker Diarization

We're excited to announce the integration of Speaker Diarization in our AI-generated transcripts. Now, when you review your interview transcripts, you'll be able to easily identify who said what and differentiate between speakers.


We understand that every user has unique requirements when it comes to organizing their interviews. That's why we're introducing a powerful new feature – interview labeling! With this update, you have complete control over categorizing your interviews according to your preferences. Whether you're running weekly interviews, need to distinguish sales call transcripts, or simply want to group interviews based on specific criteria, Orbit has got you covered. By assigning labels to your interviews, you can effortlessly organize and locate them with just a few clicks.

Increased file size limit

We're still polishing up our upcoming Interviews feature and have increased the file upload size limit to 1GB. This should give you more flexibility when uploading interview recordings.